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The House of Women (Zenana)

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For the first time in history, the richest empire in Asia is in the hands of its women. They will reshape the world or die trying. 

The House of Women is the Mughal emperor’s harem- a place where every aspect of Indian culture is juxtaposed with world history… challenged, redefined and represented from a woman’s perspective. This is where history was made and the future will be fought for and claimed by the women of the royal zenana.



When a British aristocrat’s son hires an Indian maid servant as his online ghostwriter to cheat through his prestigious university, their disparate worlds become intertwined in a way that will alter their fates forever. 

The Indian caste system meets the British class system in the high-stakes world of college admissions and academic fraud. Two flawed heroes from opposite sides of the world see their lives reflected in the Classics. But will their own epic journeys end in ascension or tragedy?

The Pataala Prophecy

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Based on Christopher C. Doyle’s bestselling book series The Pataala Prophecy, this is a 5-part young adult action fantasy series.


Set in contemporary India, 15-year-old best friends Arjun and Maya are suddenly thrust into the centre of a war set within the ancient legends of the Mahabharata. As they struggle to come to terms with their foretold roles, their journey will lead them through mystical new lands and into battle with forces which they had only read about in mythology. The two teenagers and their cohort of friends and family race against time as they hone their newly discovered powers and fulfill the mysterious prophecy set before them.

The Spoils Society

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The Spoils Society is an investigative drama series that sees five 20-somethings search for some of the world’s most sought-after missing treasure. Set in the ersatz stability of the post-Cold War period, their investigations delve into the dark corners of history, to find the cultural treasures of nations that have been hidden, lost or destroyed. Through the eyes of the first generation since the ‘End of History,’ we witness firsthand as the relics of the past return to undermine the naïve optimism of the new millennium. 


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In the gleaming skyscrapers of New York City, where power changes hands as frequently as stocks, the descendants of two Japanese-American dynastic families engage in a high-stakes battle which unfolds beyond the boardrooms of Wall Street and into the gritty, shadowy alleys of the city's underworld.

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