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we are... TANTRA


We bring stories to life, across all formats, genres, geography, budgets and mediums. Producing and distributing entertainment that attracts audiences around the world.

Meet The Team

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Aditya Dhanwatay

Head of Projects- Asia

Aditya is a naturalist and conservationist, writer, nature tourism expert, and a Tourism Specialist with years of experience behind him. With a focus on sustainable tourism and managing core conservation issues, he has continuously worked on new initiatives to mitigate man-animal conflicts in the jungles of Tadoba. He works closely with various government agencies and is considered to be an authority on sustainable tourism practices. He is the driving force behind the Chichghat Valley Conservancy, a first of its kind in India and also manages the Tiger Trails Jungle Lodge, a fully sustainable property, which has won several national as well as 2 prestigious WTM Sustainable Tourism Awards.

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Farook Singh

CEO, Creative, Partnerships

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Bryan Smoker

Head of Productions, Creative

Bryan is a Supervising Producer, Editor, Director and Production Supervisor for numerous world-wide broadcast and internet productions. He works closely with production teams to ensure the creatives are captured in the highest standards and delivery schedules and budgets are met. Previous productions included:  Colors of the Island, Music Voyager, TASTE, Disney Parks Sunrise Series, Curious Traveler and RealLife. He has worked with a wide variety of major broadcasters and companies, including; PBS, Nat Geo, Disney+, Disney Parks, LegalZoom and EA Sports.

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Maya Leila Singh

Head of Projects- Europe

Originally from the United States, Maya is now based in London and continues to work across an extensive slate of high-end international productions within both the television and film sectors, including: documentaries, music, food, live television, natural history, true crime, and scripted drama/ comedies. Previous productions have included: Music Voyager, VYNL, TASTE, Colors of the Islands, Saturday Kitchen Live and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.  She has worked extensively with major UK and US broadcasters and commissioners, including: PBS, National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery+.

Farook is a concept creative, content producer and financier for broadcast across the world, he has produced:

  • Drama: House of Women, Dr Feelgood, Chowkidar (Night Watchmen), Mulberry Row, The Amber Room

  • Features: Anamika (Nameless), Dandy Lyin’, Ji-String

  • Documentaries: Ice Creatures, In God We Trust, ConTrail, Trowel Blazers

  • Specials: Music Box, In Times to Come: The Andy Palacio Story, Sound of Satchmo, Salin’ On The Blues, The Hymnals, DV8

  • Series: Music Voyager, RockStar Diaries, Colors of the Islands, VYNL, TASTE

  • Natural History: 5 Queens, GHOST, Leopard Rock, A Fish Called EMMA, Tiger Academy, The Battlefield, Electric Tigers, WILD Royals, BLACK, Sugar Leopards, WILD on Anthropause, Wild Waters.

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