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In Times to Come - The Andy Palacio Story

"The tragic and triumphant tale of a musician and his people"

Andy Palacio’s album, Watina, has often been heralded as one of the “greatest music albums of all time” (BBC, Amazon, Womex), beating out other international classics produced by infamous musicians such as Bob Marley, Buena Vista Social Club and Flea Kuti. Yet, Andy unexpectedly died right after his album was released, never ultimately realizing its true global success.

The Sounds of Satchmo: The Louis Armstrong Story

Exploring the genius and life of master jazz trumpeter and actor Louis Armstrong, The Sounds of Satchmo provides an unseen and untold perspective of one of the world’s most famous musicians. 

The Music Box

The Music Box documents the incredible story of a former Holocaust prisoner and musician. Describing the atrocities they faced during WWII, both individuals describe how music helped them survive and how music could help them tell their story to future generations. 

In God We Trust

In God We Trust.png

In God We Trust uses the world’s most renowned investigative reporters (sourced from the Pandora, Panama, and Paradise Papers, as well as the FinCEN Files) to expose, reveal, evaluate, and estimate the enormous quantities of hidden wealth within the world’s five major religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Sailin’ On the Blues

“The soul of the Blues flows on the mighty Mississippi river and rolls along the Blues Highway 61.” What does it look like today? And who is creating this sound? 

Sailin' on the Blues.png

Ice Creatures: The Secrets From the Permafrost

Ice Creatures.png

As the planet continues to grow warmer, ancient creatures, plants and ecosystems have slowly been thawing. As ancient viruses begin to awaken, the world is on the precipice of witnessing a new global problem: the inevitable fusion between past and present. 

While many are excited to study these prehistoric beings, others have begun to exploit them for profit via de-extinction, where the chance to create authentic ‘Jurassic Parks’ are merely at our fingertips. What is ethically right? Are we entering into the next frontier of science or are we recklessly playing God?


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