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5 Queens

Focusing on the lives, personalities, and resilience of five female big cats in India, 5 Queens documents how each animal builds and rules her Queendom within both a male-dominated wild world, and a country becoming increasingly overpopulated with humans. 

The Battlefield

At the heart of one of India’s tiger reserves, lies a tiny paradise, where grasslands and tropical forests are nestled amongst a sloping range of rocky mountains, and a large, sparkling lake is fed by roaring waterfalls. But, don’t let this Disney-esque appearance deceive you. This “utopia” is overrun with predators… tigers. But, just how many tigers is too many?

Night of the Tiger

Tigers are prolific, nocturnal predators. For the first time ever, using night-enhancing technology and light-sensitive cameras, an expert camera team gets unprecedented access to film the royal Bengal tiger across one year of its life… at night.  

A Fish Called Emma

There is a spot in the Caribbean islands where some of the planet’s most notorious sharks gather tranquilly together, away from the rest of the ocean wilds. But, who are they? And why are they here at Tiger Beach?


 In a country of over 2 billion people, man vs. wild conflicts are increasingly escalating by the day. Three leopards have managed to find a unique way to survive: by hiding in plain sight. Locals call these big cats: GHOST.

Electric Tigers

The critical overpopulation of tigers in an Indian tiger reserve is forcing the big cats to travel miles across congested highways, crowded cities, and villages to find a new home. The big cats have ultimately resorted to living in a very bizarre location: a gigantic super thermal power plant.



Big Cats are some of the most iconic creatures on the planet; prized for their beauty, revered for their prowess, and feared for their cunning nature. 

However, due to a rare color variant called ‘melanism,’ only 5% of all big cats in the world are considered ‘black.’ Mesmerizing to look at, their beauty comes at a high price. 

WILD Royals

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 5.38.54 PM.png

India is the land of Maharajas who have left behind a legacy of ancient and historic palaces, forts, gardens, temples, and tombs. Mostly laying in ruins, these landmark sites are now slowly returning to the WILD.

Leopard Rock

Living deep in India’s northwestern desserts, an ancient tribe who is quickly vanishing away, has a unique relationship with an endangered big cat.  

Tiger Academy

Tiger Academy Poster.png

What does it take to become a Tiger?

It takes 2 years of love, nurture, education, and hard knocks for cubs to grow into brazen, young adults, deep in the wild forests of India. 


The bleak 40% survival rate against these cubs can be improved, based on their mother’s experience, sheer luck, and each individual cub's personality. We will come to know each cat personally, and see what it takes to graduate from Tiger Academy. 

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